The Lower Depths


> Intro

Koršunovas is…Well, Koršunovas is Koršunovas. Everyone who knows even a little bit about the European theatre scene knows about Koršunovas. The Lithuanian director who has long since gone beyond Lithuania’s cultural space and whose works arouse interest in both the East and the West. Figurative. Precise. Soulful. Psychological. Extraordinary acting performances. Approximately those kinds of words are used when speaking about his stage productions.
We heard about Koršunovas' latest play last autumn in Vilnius when we had a performance at a festival. A person with reliable taste said that Koršunovas is just completing a new stage production and that he has been preparing it for a long time in advance, and that people who have seen run-throughs are elated.

That is what happened to us as well. The pure, concise form of the stage production and the precision, conceptual clarity and at the same time daring of the actors to take different risks…Naturally, this sounds discursive, yet that is exactly how this play was. A long table covered with a white tablecloth, actors drinking vodka and at the same time nevertheless acting out Gorky’s The Lower Depths. Works of art that are so poetically simple can really only be created after very long preparation.

> Duration

Approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes

> Time

E 20/06 19:00

> Language

In Lithuanian

> People

Director: Oskaras Koršunovas
Set designers: Oskaras Koršunovas and Dainius Liškevičius
Costume designer: Agnė Kuzmickaitė
Sound designer: Antanas Jasenka

Cast: Jonas Verseckas, Rasa Samuolytė,  Nelė Savičenko, Julius Žalakevičius, Darius Meškauskas, Dainius Gavenonis, Darius Gumauskas,  Giedrius Savickas, Tomas Žaibus, Rytis Saladžius

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The Lower Depths. The Final Stop of the Route