(Torres Guerrero/Racasse)

> Intro

We have not seen this play. To be completely honest, nobody has yet because its opening performance is still some ways off – in May on Rosebery Avenue in London. Yet we trust the authors. We trust the producers. We trust the company. Nothing second rate has ever come from there. Why should it be any different now?

This much we know, however, that it will be a stage production of contemporary dance. It is part of the so-called really new wave of contemporary dance which involves both thinking and dancing. In earlier times, dancers only danced, then for a long time they only thought, yet rumour has it that nowadays a combination of the two is gaining ever more popularity.

Rosalba Torres Guerrero, the author of the stage production, has found inspiration from her trips to Japan and from the feeling of what it means to be culturally foreign, to be the “other”. Since characters in Japanese literature transform in astounding ways and the boundaries between femininity and masculinity become nebulous, then Guerrero plans to reflect the traits in common and contrasts of Western and Asian cultures with the aid of lighting, stage and costumes. At least that is what she herself says to introduce her stage production.

And then there is that company. Les ballets C de la B is concentrated around Alain Plateli and is without any doubt one of the most important, if not the artistically most influential developer of modern dance in the world. Whoever is allowed to stage something together with them must be exceptional. Guerrero is.

PS Penombre means “twilight”.

NB! This production was included in the programme of this year’s Wiener Festwochen.

> Duration

Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes

> Time

T 02/08 19:00

> People

Direction, script, choreography and performance: Rosalba Torres Guerrero
Video, illustration, live performance and co-script: Lucas Racasse
Video actress: Uiko Watanabe
Costumes and textile sculptures: Sara Judice de Menezes
Scenography and lighting: Shizuka Hariu
Original music and soundscape: Sam Serruys
Dramatic direction: Hildegard Devuyst
Technical director: Jan Mergaert
Technique: Bart Uyttersprot
Production management: Iris Raspoet, Fien Ysebie
Production: les ballets C de la B
Coproduction: Sadler’s Wells (London), TorinoDanza (Torino),Théâtre National de Chaillot (Paris), Tanzhaus NRW (Düsseldorf)

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