Mütter, Väter, Kinder

(Sebastian Nübling)

> Intro

It can probably be said that we know Nübling well. We saw his first play four or five years ago and after that, another five or six of those encounters have accumulated. On top of that, we have gotten together with him, conversed with him for hours, even given him Estonian rap music as a present (he himself wanted it!) and to top it all off, we invited him to come and direct at  Theatre NO99. And he came! Which was astonishing, considering the spheres in which Sebastian Nübling presently circulates in Europe: Münchner Kammerspiele, Zürich Schauspielhaus, Lyric Hammersmith, Hamburg’s Schauspielhaus...

He circulates because he is very contemporary. In one of his messages, Nübling simply said: “The generation of great geniuses is past. Nowadays those who tell stories about the lives of simple people that are lived today are important.” That also means Mütter, Väter, Kinder without using a single spoken word and the simple people are… Nübling himself, his family and friends, and their families.

Activities and situations where we recognise family moments open up before us over the course of this wordless play. They are poetic, figurative, playful and beautiful. This play is like…if we were to say “a wave at sea that reassuringly embraces you”, that would probably sound somehow insipid? Yet for some reason, that kind of feeling was induced. Regardless of the scant use of theatrical devices, it is nevertheless somehow large, warm and flowing.

In cooperation with Freiburg Theatre
Supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment

> Duration

1 hour and 20 minutes

> Time

K 27/07 19:00

> People

Director: Sebastian Nübling
Stage and costumes: Moritz Müller
Music: Tom Schneider, Lars Wittershagen
Light: Andreas Grüter
On stage: Alice, Christiane, Rainer Gartenschläger, Martina, Max, Sebastian, Therese Nübling, Tom, Yoel Schneider, Lars,
Max-Otto Wittershagen

> Press

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