Ird, K.

(Ivar Põllu)

> Intro

Kaarel Ird is a legend. Images of him are imprinted in the minds of all theatre lovers. Narratives about him remain fresh in the mind, about the mass deportation night, which he described as, like he was "throwing shit away". He was a member of a fighting battalion and he helped burn down houses and bridges. He was a true communist right to the end of his days. Why does this remain so fresh in the mind? This is because at the same time he was a staunch defender of the avant-garde, being the head of theatre Vanemuine. He feared no one, not even the Supreme Soviet command, defending the theatres interests, by keeping the authorities at bay.

Ivar Põllu wrote and produced a tragedy about a man who never had any doubts, never mistrusted any one and never hesitated. The man’s biggest concern was however the fear that he could not do every thing by himself. This production is however not a nostalgic exploration of the communist recent past.

> Duration

Approximately 3 hours with one intermission

> Time

E 23/05 19:00

> Language

In Estonian

> People

Actors: Nero Urke, Katrin Pärn, Maarja Jakobson, Evald Aavik,
Robert Annus (Teater Vanemuine), Janek Joost

Author / Director: Ivar Põllu
Set Designer: Kristiina Põllu
Lighting Designer: Taavi Toom