From the Roof


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> Intro

When Jarek first said that he has had enough and that he is going to start learning opera singing and that thereafter he is going to create the opera From the Roof, we started seriously worrying about the health of our long-time friend and collaborator. Chalice – and Georg Ots? Mati Palm? Margarita Voites? We had always considered him more a rock’n’roll kind of guy, but now it seemed that as he grows older, he has decided to turn to the fundamental values of life and has traded in rap for baroque.
Yet Jarek Kasar is too refined a man for that. As the composer and co-author of the libretto, he creates an opera the likes of which has never been seen before. Because which opera would be the kind about which one could write: “The opera is about loneliness, the friendship between a man and a woman”? In any case, it is a very crazy idea. How can the dignified genre of opera be carried over into the present day and be performed in intimately small space? It certainly isn’t easy but in the hands of the kind of multitalented person like Jarek, obviously totally possible.

> Duration

Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes

> Time

T 13/09 19:00

> Language

In Estonian, synopsis in English is available on the paper.

> People

Composer: Jarek Kasar
Libretto: Jarek Kasar
Director: Uku Uusberg
Set designer: Jan Tomson
Cast: Hannaliisa Uusma, Uku Uusberg, Jarek Kasar

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