Anger in the Heart


> Intro

We heard good things about this production. As a consequence we approached the Straw Theatre crew one fine sunny spring day, on a ship which was packed with early morning commuters who were on their way to Finland. We looked back one last time in search of what the future may bring.

The future awaited us a few hours ahead and it was at a small theatre called Jurkka, and the irony was that the theatre was located on Vironkatu (which means Estonia Road in Finnish). Although the theatre has few resources to hand, it has a strong emotional pull to it. It's logical that they invited there Estonia’s sharpest witted producer Juhan Ulfsak and his working companion Anni Ojanen.

Authors themselves say the following: "Look back in anger" by John Osborne threw in 1956 the feelings of the new generation into the faces of the theatre public. The main character in a number of monologues tears to ribbons the marriage, the church, class system, himself and those closest to him. "Anger in the Heart" looks at life from a modern contemporary perspective: class struggle has now become a parody of itself, the sexual revolution has devoured it’s off-spring and the floral laurels of the 60’s have now dried up. However the young men are still angry. Why?
"Anger in the Heart" explores the issues on the war against hypocrisy and concludes with observations about love.

> Time

E 04/07 19:00

> Language

 In Finnish with Estonian subtitles

> People

Conception, production and dramaturgy by Anni Ojanen and Juhan Ulfsak
On stage Laura Birn, Kasimir Baltzar, Lotta Lehtikari and Tuomas Tulikorpi
Stage and light design Max Wikström
Sound and light, also music Ilkka Tolonen