Am Beispiel des Hummers


> Intro

There were many reasons for inviting the Berlin Volksbühne play Am Beispiel des Hummers – According to the Example of the Hummer to the Straw Theatre. The entire text of the play, for instance, because David Foster Wallace is considered one of the most important names in contemporary American literature who is, however, not yet known here. Or the stage production itself, or the legendary Sir Henry playing on a contraption resembling a piano…Yet the main reason was Finzi.

Samuel Finzi is clearly the favourite actor of the Theatre NO99 troupe and directors. We have sometimes made theatre trips to Berlin especially to see Finzi on stage and he has never disappointed us. His versatility, extraordinary precision and plasticity, his ability to switch different performing styles in a fraction of a second…All that has made us pretty goofy. And when it turned out that we might perhaps have a small chance to bring a Finzi mono play here, we started sweating, of course.

Samuel Finzi is a 44-year-old actor of Bulgarian origin who has lived and worked in Germany for the last couple of decades. Nowadays he is at the high point of his career, having performed on practically all the most important stages in that country. A separate book has even been published about him already. Extreme intelligence and at the same time emotionality are combined in a rare manner in his acting talent, where the former keeps the latter from exaggerating and the latter makes the former lively.

Oh, yes, if anyone happens to be very fond of things such as the “message of the play”, then in this case it is worthwhile for everyone who craves to hear and see a painful incision into the American lifestyle, but that actually also means our own lifestyle, to come to the performance.

In cooperation with the Berlin Volksbühne Theatre

> Duration

Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes

> Time

T 28/06 19:00

> Language

In German

> People

Based on an essay by David Foster Wallace  

With: Samuel Finzi and Sir Henry

Director: Ivan Panteleev
Stage Designer: Jochen Hochfeld
Costumes: Ulrike Köhler
Music: Sir Henry
Light Design: Johannes Zotz
Dramaturgy: Ralf Fiedler

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Am Beispiel des Hummers