(Ray Lee)

> Intro

Sound installations are relatively unfamiliar territory in Estonia. This and that is done here from time to time, but a total sound space, where space, time and sound are altered as one moves in its midst – one rarely sees those kinds of installations. Ray Lee’s Siren is hypnotic, meditative and contemporary. You don’t have to know anything about music, and you can know very much, yet Siren’s improvisational nature and purity of sounds should not leave you indifferent in either case.

To create Siren, a room is filled with metal tripods to which additional devices that emit electronic drones are attached. Artists walk about in the room and move them so that all in all, there is no longer any significant difference whether it is a sound installation, live art or visual theatre.

Siren was displayed for the first time at the Edinburgh Festival. The Edinburgh Festival is a gigantic and at the same time one of the most important focal points of contemporary theatre where the most important troupes, stage productions and artists are sifted out every year. When it turned out that in this whole colossal mass, Siren succeeded in distinguishing itself – and not only distinguishing, it received rave reviews, sold its performances out and on top of it all, also won an important award – it started being invited to different places all over the world. The USA. Canada. Australia. And so on. And so on.
By the way, Siren was the very first project that we decided to invite to the Straw Theatre.

> Duration

Approximately 40 minutes

> Time

P 29/05 18:00

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Video / Siren by Ray Lee