Self- Organising System

(Hendrik Kaljujärv)

> Intro

This is the kind of guy he is. Perhaps it is hard to believe, but the guy has been chosen as the most tranquil man at Theatre NO99 for the past two years in a row. He is one of the most important authors in the electronic music scene in Estonia and at  Theatre NO99, he is like our own personal Tistou: a guy who with the touch of his finger makes faders move and sounds grow. If the sounds of our stage productions from the past few years have stuck in your mind, then Kaljujärv has also stuck in your mind. And now it’s solo time.
The object of Kaljujärv’s interest has always been the creation of different patterns of sound and the role of the person in the midst of those patterns, and also the possibility and impossibility of putting sounds in order and systematising them. His installation with the working title Self-Organising System is a work that is being created especially for the Straw Theatre, for which Kaljujärv is also building some entirely new objects to create and reflect sounds. Appropriately for an installation, Kaljujärv creates massive sound landscapes that are not only meant to be listened to but are also meant for participation. The audience is one part of the system, one part of the sound, yet whether it is also that thing “itself” that systematises those sounds will become apparent only in the course of the unpredictable progress of the installation.

Definitely not conservative, yet also definitely not too radical. A beautiful work of art, bewitching, psychedelic, total. An installation like the man himself.

> Duration

Approximately 1 hour

> Time

E 11/07 19:00

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