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NB! Lavastus kuulub selleaastase Theatertreffeni festivali põhiprogrammi! (Theatertreffenile valitakse kümme parimat Saksamaal, Austrias ja Šveitsis möödunud aastal esietendunud lavastust.)

Kui meile esimest korda öeldi, et ühed teatriteadlased lavastasid koos oma isadega "Kuningas Leari", olime me enam kui skeptilised. Teadlased, isad, Lear – no tõesti! Aga siis panime ühes Hamburgi hotellis kaasaantud DVD peale ja – see rõõmustas meid esimesest hetkest. See oli vaimukas. See oli isiklik. See oli orgaaniline, loomulik ja kontseptuaalne. Neil oli plaan!
Neil oli tõesti plaan ja laiem mõte, miks nad seda kõike tegid, ja nad tegid seda kõike väga lahedalt.

Tänaseks on selgunud, et me pole ainsad, kes nii arvavad. Just äsja valiti see lavastus möödunud aasta parimate Saksa lavastuste sekka ning nad panid kinni ka ühe olulise festivali. Kuigi kunstis loevad auhinnad sama vähe kui tunded põllumajanduses, näitab see siiski üht-teist.

Kuid väga palju täpsemalt me nende kohta kirjutada ei saagi, sest see võiks reeta juba liiga palju. Lihtsalt. Teate küll. Kui Eesti teatris on reegliks pigem see, et tehakse hästi, aga suhteliselt väheolulist asja, siis Euroopa teatril on vastupidine häda: räägitakse globaalsetest probleemidest küll, kuid tehakse seda nii, et teatrigurmaanil pole midagi põske pista. Ja kui siis näed lavastust, mis on tõesti laheda kontseptsiga ja nad teevad veel hästi ka, isegi kui nad pole professionaalsed näitlejad, vaid lihtsalt teadlased oma isadega, siis läheb tuju heaks küll.

Koostöös Berliini Hebbel-am-Ufer (HAU) teatriga

Ajaleht Berliner Morgenpost andis oma maineka Friedrich Lufti preemia just sellele lavastusele (parim Berliinis ja Potsdamis esietendunud lavastus) ning "Testament" on pälvinud ka peapreemia NRW-festivalil, vanimal off-skeenet ühendaval festivalil.

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Umbes 1 tund ja 40 minutit

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K 07/09 19:00

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Saksa keeles eestikeelsete subtiitritega

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Kontseptsioon: She She Pop koos Sebastian ja Joachim Barki, Fanni ja Peter Halmburgeri, Lisa Lucasseni, Mieke ja Manfred Matzke, Ilia ja Theo Papatheodorouga

Lava: SSP ja Sandra Fox
Kostüümid: Lea Søvsø
Muusika: Christopher Uhe
Dokumenteerimine: Bianca Schemel
Valgus: Sven Nichterlein
Heli: Florian Fischer
Assistent: Kaja Jakstat
Inspitsient: Laura Lo Zito
Graafika: Tobias Trost
Administratioon: Elke Weber

She She Popi produktsioon
Kaasa aitasid: Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Kampnagel Hamburg ja
FFT Düsseldorf
Rahastajad: Berliini Linnavalitsus, Hamburgi Linnavalitsus Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V.

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She She Pop’s Clever Berlin “Testament” – Authentic Fraud
We’ve had to suffer much nonsense on the subject of generations, especially in theater… But now the group She She Pop demonstrates how to hold an audience in a bold and painful grip. By asking questions, for example, by looking things up and being curious. By playing an active part, while simultaneously questioning one’s own role in the matter. This cannot be done more radically than with one’s own family. The She She Pop women and one man have invited their fathers to a rehearsal, to read Shakespeare’s “King Lear” together. Then they went and developed a full-length evening out of it. The result is “Testament – Belated Preparations for a New Generation Based on Lear”. In it, they speak of love, a lack of understanding and of interdependency. The really important questions are asked very directly and then consciously transformed into open art. This may be the only way such questions can seriously be asked: through play. Everything else is no more than some smart-ass kid explaining the world, which leads to manslaughter or also just to bad theater.

…Once the first “Lear” scene is read, the beautiful delirium, which She She Pop so expertly know how to work with, sneaks its way onto the stage… The She She Pop fraud is less about lying than about dithering. Dithering between process and product, discussion and text, intimacy and distance... In the personal conversations, the piece surprisingly returns over and over again to precisely those leitmotifs, which propel the old drama forward. “Testament” offers hundreds of such possible misunderstandings.

The old men also pull out all the stops and demand respect. Theo says: In Greek respect means something similar to tolerance or hindsight. This seems fitting for this evening, considering that Lear too has a lot to do with vision. With an unsentimental perspective on differences, fears, pain and the almost Schiller-like insight that a tentative peace can only be had in pretence. Roles swaps, country music and kitsch choreographies round off the mix. The piece is a marvelous sham, which every now and then has the power to transcend reality.

Tobi Müller, Frankfurter Rundschau, February 27th, 2010

She She Pop presents a clash of the generations in “Testament” – eye to eye with their fathers
Hamburg. An evening with papa? Not a good idea. Frank and Nancy Sinatra provide an ironic backdrop with “Something Stupid” – and yet She She Pop’s “Testament” is a huge success. Three performers convinced their fathers to spend an evening with them in the theatrical living room. Honest and brave, funny and sad, touching and painfully direct, the performance deals with problems of aging, caring for the elderly and inheritance. It dicusses the conflict contained in the intergenerational contract, the loss of family ties and responsibility – but also the power of fathers over their children …

This time She She Pop abandon their interactive games with the audience and for the first time concentrate on a classical play. But in their handling of the material, they remain absolutely true to themselves, reflect and debate their own biographies as they are mirrored in the drama. They find the right theatrical form and comment it with music and live-video. … And the perfomers are not afraid to carry the amusing, polemical and theatrically initiated collage of scenes to the point of emotional pain. But in spite of all sincerity and severity, it always remain lighthearted and witty…

They bravely, forthrightly and intelligently venture into an encounter, which more than a few spectators are sure to envy them for. The final applause is accordingly enthusiastic for this highlight in the Kampnagel program, which is well worth seeing and discussing.

Klaus Witzeling, Hamburger Abendblatt, March 9th, 2010

Inheritance in Exchange for Love - Two generations enter negotiations on stage (copy 1)
She She Pop wants to set the record straight and clarify a few fatal errors, thus attempting to address some decisive taboos before it is too late. This is occasionally so funny and simultaneously so enlightening that you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Three daughters and a son, all around 40 years old and three of their fathers (all nearing their 70s) – two generations and a lot of unanswered questions. Who will inherit what? And who will care for whom in exchange? These uncomfortable questions are often gladly ignored in most families. But here in the theater, these children have actually invited their fathers to do exactly that on stage.
With their amusing experimental set-up, She She Pop succeed in negotiating taboos without letting it become embarrassing or making their fathers look like fools. For this they have gained much respect – from critics, the audience as well as from their own fathers, of course.

Dunja Stamer, ZDF “aspekte”, June 18th, 2010

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